This delightful project was Meredith’s first solo endeavour with Lantern, Penguin and was born from her love of bed! Not only does Meredith appreciate a deep and restorative sleep, she also spent much time bed-bound in her youth due to poor health. In the face of adversity, she encouraged herself to celebrate how much joy being horizontal could bring!

‘Tucked In’ is a bright and beautiful book that contains a sheep directory for people to use when having troubles falling asleep, comfort food recipes, inspiring passages on dream analysis, and various creative projects that can be undertaken directly from bed including shadow puppetry, haiku poetry and scrap-booking.

Meredith wrote and illustrated this book at 22, living at the time between Sydney and Berlin. She loves the name of the German edition: ‘Your Bed Loves You’! There is a special edition available in Korean too. This vibrant and uplifting book is as practical as it is whimsical.